Bigot of the Hour: Aysegul Gurbuz

aysegulWinner: Aysegul Gurbuz (racial & religious bigotry)

This BOTHA goes to British politician Aysegul Gurbuz for her years of bigotry on social media. We also want to commend her on her ability to magically avoid state scrutiny, even when running for political office. When mealy-mouthed comments are often investigated within 24 hours, we doff our respective head coverings to this serial avoider!

This award therefore also dishonours the new justice system in the UK that necessitates the need to highlight bigots like Gurbuz. Certain (or perhaps ‘less equal‘) British citizens can now expect their fascistic police to knock on their doors, arrest them and charge them with a crime [see here] for what we in the free world would call innocuous comments.

This new and improved multi-tiered system of justice that Britain and the rest of Europe now enjoys however, means that certain (or perhaps ‘more equal‘) citizens don’t need to expect that knock on the door.

According to the most recent update [see here] by the schizophrenic Daily Mail, one phrase missing from this article about the repugnant Gurbuz (and/or “her sister”) is a quote from Luton Police, such as,

…Aysegul Gurbuz was arrested this morning and was charged with a racially-aggravated speech or thought crime…

Perhaps an arrest will eventually be made after years of online hatred. Maybe it won’t. Either way, how the state uses its authority is being clearly signalled and communicated to the various tiers of UK citizenry.

I am certainly not an advocate of the standalone speech- and hate-crimes that the UK currently has (no actual crime need be committed), or the enhanced sentences that North America currently has if a hate motivation is attached to the crime. However if we are putting these ‘crimes‘ on the books, then we would hope and expect our various state governments to apply justice equally. This however seems to be a task too hard, a wall too high and a bridge too far for cultural relativity and equity to handle.


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