Tweet Out “Islam Sucks” (UK Fascist Police State – III)


I just loved this graphic and the now-infamous Scotland Police anti-speech tactics¬†[see here]. So, ‘free’ people of the UK: what gives? The real free world is now openly mocking your fascist police state. Prime Minister ‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron with his “British values” strangeness. It’s now a British value to imprison someone for writing a naughty opinion in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland?

Can any one of you, any British citizen, tweet out tonight, as an example, “Islam Sucks!” Let me know how that works out for you, those that dare tempt the UK Police Twitter Squat Team. And by that I mean let me know how many minutes it takes for the police to knock on your door to arrest you and imprison you in a cell. For tweeting, “Islam Sucks!” Good grief.

What a mealy-mouthed country [see here] the once-free Britain has become.


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