Bigot of the Hour Award: Beyoncé

resizeThe new Bigot of the Hour Award (BOTHA™) will be given out as much as we can although it is virtually impossible to keep up with the bigotry out there. The BOTHA will deal with anti-white racial bigotry, anti-Christian religious bigotry, anti-heterosexual sexual bigotry, anti-Anglo-Saxon ethnic bigotry and anti-healthy biological bigotry.

Winner: Beyoncé (racial category)

This BOTHA goes to Beyoncé for presenting, to a large captive audience (additional points for that), the racially bigoted lie that police officers with pale skin deliberately stalk and gun down innocent young black men for no reason whatsoever. Her performance at the Super Bowl lauding the so-called “BLM” was brimming with bigotry, taking

The BLM movement originally drew upon the myth of Micheal the Gentle Giant. It was only after much new media effort that this thug was outed. From there the thuggish actions of BLM continue reflect the very worst in violent behaviour and racist anti-white bigotry. Although there has been a bit of a pushback against this thus-far unrepentant bigot [see here], we still have hope she can change.

Come on! Step up, Beyoncé! You can be better than this. It is not cool to or hip be a racial bigot.



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