Read the Quran in 5,263 Days!

muslim_female_doctorIt’s been 5,263 days since the Islamic terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. It’s also been 5,263 days (over 14 years) that Muslims within Islam have been trying to explain Islam. In this BBC article [see here] some Muslims within Islam, trying to explain Islam, continue an annual “Visit My Mosque Day” tradition.

Unfortunately, the argument that maintains that Islam is still an esoteric system, one that can’t possibly be understood unless carefully explained only by Muslims, is moot. Many non-Muslim people in the West have been reading the Quran now for over 14 years. Your average doctor requires fours years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school and then six years of residency: 14 years.

So, is it probable that so many people in the West haven’t been able to read and understand the violent bigotry sprinkled through the 114 simple-to-read chapters (suras) of the Quran [see here] in the same time that it takes for a high school graduate to become a doctor? Is this even remotely plausible?

Apparently the journalists at the BBC believe it is. And they really, really need for you to believe this also.



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