Received Opinion in Cameron’s New New England

makkah-mosque-1-800x532This Breitbart London article [see here] goes into British PM David Cameron’s opinion of Donald Trump’s comments on immigration from nations with a serious jihadi problem. One of Cameron’s quotes though is thought-provoking not because of its profundity, but because it starts to give us a glimpse into why so many Western leaders seem to think one of their fundamental jobs is to protect Islam [see here]. But not only that, to train the plebeians in how to think about the new, improved and progressive society in which they now live:

Actually, what’s happening is not a clash of civilisations. It is a fight within Islam, where the overwhelming majority rightly see Islam as a religion of peace, and want to live in successful multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracies like ours, and make an incredible contribution to our country, as opposed to a small minority that believe this rhetoric of poisonous extremism, and many of this tiny minority then believing in violence. [Grand Mufti Cameron]

The first thing to note is how authoritatively he is speaking about “civilization”. Kissing babies and spending other people’s money are typical habits associated with politicians, but proselytizing on human civilization? It is worth pointing out though that his liberal arts education in philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University might certainly give him some ability at sophistry. If you are looking for facts, experience and evidence – sadly lacking.

The second thing to note (although this is ubiquitous now with Cameron, inter alios) is that he speaks authoritatively about Islam. Note how he says that “…the overwhelming majority [of Muslims] rightly see Islam as a religion of peace…” It’s that word, rightly, that is the give-away. Cameron is giving his sophistic imprimatur to the undeniable peacefulness within the Qur’an and Sunnah. It’s also interesting to note that this “overwhelming majority [of Muslims]” also make an “incredible contribution” to Britain. If you are looking for facts, experience and evidence of both these claims – again, sadly lacking in his discussion. It is so because I said that it is so.

The third and last thing to note is the utter inevitability of Britain’s (and Europe’s) current social condition and how it must, must be accepted without question. Note how Cameron describes Britain as a “successful multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy.” Not one race, but many. Not one ethnicity, but many. Not one religion, but many. This ‘many-ness’ is the essence of a successful society apparently. Did Britain, in 1945, after World War II, think that it was successful because of this “many-ness”? Did the British then think of themselves as many races, many ethnicities and many religions? And if not then, why so now? And if not then, what happened?

It’s an amazingly compact quote about how David Cameron has been trained to see the world and trained in how to communicate this to the hoi-polloi. He informs the British what British civilization means, how important Islam is, and how criticizing the massive demographic changes over the last thirty years labels indigenous Britons as bigots.

So once again the poor, benighted Brits have been given the way it is. And if you don’t like it there is definitely something wrong with you. He gives the baseline, he gives the default view, he provides the standard response. Any deviation from this view is to be regarded with suspicion and criminal action.

When the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) got up and running in June 1920 [see here] there was a thing called ‘Received Pronunciation’, or RP [see here]. This was the baseline, the default, the standard pronunciation of the English language as determined by the BBC. One certainly could deviate from this standard if one wished, but certainly at one’s own peril. Today we have Received Opinion (RO?) where it is becoming increasingly difficult in Britain to deviate from the correct opinion. Deviation from the prescribed opinion can and does involve the police. Cameron knows this. And he is doing his good deed of the day by making sure the British public knows it too.




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