If You’re Frightened of Islam, Go Rotten!

At this point it’s hard to know what to say to England (or at least its self-succulent elites). Yes, the people there were some of the first experimenters in being free as an individual against an all-powerful state, or king. Yes, they created the common law which became a method of iterative accumulation of legal good for equity and justice. And yes, freedom and a rule of law allowed them to do what they wanted and create real wealth. Now, well, they don’t seem to have much that resembles their succulent past. But they do do cancellations well. Uh-hum. In any case.

As they don’t even seem capable of mustering enough chutzpah to show a Mohammed cartoons event in London [see here], then maybe it’s time for some new punk movement. When all else fails, when music has become crap, when speech and hate crimes surround your every word and action, and when there seems to be an insurmountable fifth column that truly despises you, then ‘Go Rotten’. Why not? Was there anything else you were up to this weekend?

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