Islam Isn’t Islam & Not At All Good!

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Within our culture it is a fine thing to ask a serious question to a famous person, a rich person or even an average person, and to expect a stupid answer. Should we be expecting the same though from our leaders and officials? And when they do, shouldn’t we be a little concerned? So when CDC chief Tom Frieden tells us [see here] that stopping flights from ebola-stricken countries increases our risk, it is concerning. Instead of providing comfort it must leave the average person thinking, “What the hell is going on here?”

The IngSoc logic of saying that stopping flights to and from ebola-stricken regions will actually increase our risk of infection is unfathomable quite frankly. The mental contortions that Frieden has to go through to reach this implausible conclusion speak for themselves, but why go through the charade in the first place? Why doesn’t he just jump right in and say, “Yes of course, controlling these flights will minimize our risk, that’s obvious,” and everyone walks away? He could even just say, “Duh!” with a cheesy grin on his face and all of us would get it immediately.

From David Cameron and other Western leaders declaring that Islam isn’t Islam [see here] to Tom Frieden saying controlling flights won’t control flights, to Nancy Pelosi saying illegal is not illegal [see here], there is a weird cognitive dissonance out there. However, this is not my point. The people know that many atrocities are indeed directly linked to Islamic texts. The people know that controlling flights will decrease infection risk. We know that if you break a law it is illegal. We know these things, but they just don’t seem to care.

If there is a shadow government that controls the words and actions of our leaders, it no longer cares about how stupid their puppets look and sound, as their puppets often do. Their puppets also don’t seem to care either. In the world of conspiracy theories this situation is known as “Not At All Good!”

When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

Attributed to Thomas Jefferson

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