Real, Not Phony, Freedom

Lady Thatcher: 'the prime minister who changed the world' - video obituary

I’m having a hard time with Lady Thatcher’s death. Some of it of course comes from the media that have morphed into a hybrid, far-left, liberal think-tank where notions of freedom, and what that freedom gives to each individual (and of course the family structures in which they inhabit), are considered racist, inhuman, bigoted and intolerant.

No man is of course an island. Each man and woman exists within their relationship structures comprising family and friends as well as other links. But what Margaret is saying is that all of these relationships and connections and links are fine – you as an individual, at the end of the day, have to bloody well deal with it and get on with developing your own life!

Unfortunately race-baiting public relations personalities within the United States have been able to drag down the discussion of freedoms from the one that Lady Thatcher promoted. And Reagan. And Jefferson. Of course the US has a history that includes slavery. But what of now? What of today? And for those esteemed political minds in Washington – what of tomorrow?

When Thatcher gave her great speeches she never had to resort to the skin tone of the British people. She never had to mention their ancestry or their genital inclination. She didn’t have to mention their political tendencies or their personal motives. She talked only about freedom of the individual. She talked about enabling a a society that didn’t really care about the accidental differences of sex, religion, wealth position or other “barriers” as her political detractors tried to create.

She loved freedom. She loved life. She loved the ability to think in her own way. She loved being in a society where a grocer’s daughter can become whatever she imagined! She in effect confirmed the philosophy of John Locke, and aligned with the Declaration of Independence. She, Lady Thatcher, truly believed in life, liberty and the pursuit of one’s own happiness.

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