Idle at Last!

Attawapiskat-chief-Theresa-SpenceThe racist Indian Act [see here] deprives individual native persons on a reservation from basic human property rights. As such those in control on a reservation, including the chief, elected officials and chosen friends, have outright control over how individuals on each reserve actually live. From the house that is selected for them to live in to how and when they receive basic medical care, the lives of individual on-reserve Indians can be deplorable. Meanwhile, the chief, elected officials and chosen friends can live a high-rolling life.

This has been highlighted in Canada with the Hollywood salaries received by Chief Theresa Spence and her boyfriend amounting to over $250,000 per year. Meanwhile her so-called “citizens” in the 300 households located in Attawapiskat, Ontario [see here], live in abject poverty. How is this?

Although the ‘Idle No More‘ movement is ostensibly motivated by obscure references to aboriginal social justice, in much the same way that the ‘Occupy‘ movement had its own vague capitalistic social justice references, this movement may actually highlight real corruption by band leaders such as Spence who are literally stealing from their own band reservations. And for the real 99% of Indian reservation members who do not live the Hollywood lifestyle of Spence, this indeed may be the national media exposure they need.

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