An Illegal Immigrant by Any Other Name…

Greek police arrest suspected illegal immigrantsThe BBC is often caught out using words in a very narrow and limited way. The left often accuses conservatives of using ‘code’ words; this is the enlargement of the meaning of words to make them mean something they don’t denote. The left on the other hand in this article use the words migrant and undocumented to make them not mean including illegal immigration. Yes – people can migrate into a country, but they can also do so illegally. And yes – illegal immigrants do not have immigration documents, but not because they are careless or lazy, it is because they entered illegally!

So poor Greece is made to feel xenophobic (and racist too, why not?) because it refuses to deport thousands of mostly Islamic illegal immigrants. Not only do these people not want to integrate, they also like to riot and apparently do not want to take any personal responsibility for putting their children in harm’s way. Individual responsibility is a cornerstone of a strong character in the conservative ethos, not so much with the left. And if you think Greece is the gateway for unfriendlies, just wait until Turkey entices its way into the so-called European Union [see here].

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