The State of Palestine


In this world the truth is sometimes an elusive concept that can be purposefully shrouded in lies and obfuscation. So, the mainly Arab-descended population that live in the historical lands of Palestine, won a vote at the United Nations such that this Arab-descended population can use some of the international apparatus of the UN. The conference of ‘statehood’, in whatever bureaucratic language the UN invariably uses, on to these people, is in itself bureaucratic madness. By this vote, presumably, any group of disaffected, disgruntled or malcontented people within an existing land or society, can petition for statehood. On the other hand this vote allows the wonderful fruits of the never-ending Arab Spring to continue to ripen.

Selective results of vote to create the state of Palestine:

  • No vote: Canada, US, Germany
  • Don’t Know vote: UK
  • Yes vote: France

It’s probably a good thing going forward to actually know which “united nations” actually like and respect our way of life. It doesn’t appear many nations actually do.

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