BBC Anti-Israel Bias

When reading a news article from the very left-leaning British Broadcasting Corporation, the artful journalist will sometimes hide their bias against Israel and for the savage jihadis in Palestine in sophisticated word play. So one could read right through an article and only decipher the leftist narrative by reading between the lines.

And then you have Wyre Davies who apparently needs to re-read his BBC employee policy manual a little slower next time. In the first sentence we can discern Davies’ agenda.

  • violence – the actions taken by Israel to defend itself
  • Hamas officials say – because this terrorist organization is highly trustworthy
  • bombardment – Hamas you notice does not engage in a non-stop barrage of rockets into Israel, and therefore we cannot describe it as a bombardment
  • they say – if Israel is not aiming to stop the rocket attacks what are they aiming to do?

It is fairly obvious what this amateur BBC writer would like readers to infer.

‘At least 105 people have died in the Gaza Strip in six days of violence, Hamas officials say, as Israeli forces continue a bombardment they say aims to stop rocket attacks into Israel.’

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