Andy Ngo-Zone & The Assault On Free Speech

Andy Ngo after attack

A gay, minority man in America only has value insomuch as he repeats the progressive mantra expected of him.

It seems many parts of the public square, whether physical or virtual, is becoming a no-go zone for what once were considered normal parts of Western indigenous culture. The right to speak and express yourself freely, the tolerant, pluralistic society where people of different backgrounds, faiths and opinions can live side by side, the ultimate freedom of the individual and the need to limit government; this was uncontroversial. But, now it is. In fact the very fundamental values of Western liberalism are being replaced by government Newspeak fluidly-defined ‘values’ of tolerance, inclusivity, diversity, and equality.

Over this weekend in Portland, journalist Andy Ngo was covering a Proud Boys rally, ‘Him Too’. Far-left agitators Antifa also showed up. As expected, whenever Antifa shows up to ‘counter-protest’, violence inevitably ensued. Ngo was recognized by Antifa, and was mobbed, had his bead beaten, and his camera and equipment stolen. Ngo is a gay man, and is of Asian heritage. He also has conservative news on some issues. Unfortunately for Ngo, having different opinions and expecting to live in a peaceful, tolerant society are no longer a norm that can be expected.

He was attacked because of his opinions, we are to assume, and not necessarily for him being gay and Asian. As demographically-driven public opinion continues to drift away from traditional Western norms however, it seems there can be different reactions that are acceptable to someone being gay, or a minority, or just having a different political opinion. But are there?

Jussie Smollett after ‘attack’

If we harken back to the Strange Case of Jussie Smollett™, we have a gay man, and a minority, who was involved in a now-debunked, hoaxed attack. Before Chicago place unraveled the lie in short order, the media-news went into a typical narrative-cycle: gay, African-American man beaten up by (fictitious) white Trump supporters. It was just too beautiful. But also a lie. That didn’t matter however as the media-news recycled this hoax news story non-stop for days. Ngo appears to be getting a very different reaction from the media-news.

BBC News search results: July 1, 2019

The BBC can serve as a decent example: two days later and Andy Ngo simply does not exist. Perhaps he never existed. Well, it seems that the media-news is now a no-go zone for ‘incorrect’ political opinions. Just think about the parallels, and yet the vast difference in coverage. A gay man, of Asian heritage, attacked by a group of white, masked thugs. Why isn’t this also ‘too beautiful’? There can only be one reason: his politics are a cause for concern and thus the media-news cannot allow empathy or compassion for him. Being gay and a minority matters when the victim hates Trump; being gay and a minority doesn”t matter when you have conservative opinions.

Naturally, as we move away from the traditional culture, as the Overton Window slides, much of what we start to see will not entirely make sense. But what seems clear is that much of the Western world is, or is becoming, a no-go zone for free speech. And actual physical assault on speech and expression is silently, complicity condoned by our elite media-news betters.

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