Fireman Sam; Evil, White, Sexist, Male Bastard

Sam Tân

He might be a puppet-mascot, but that doesn’t stop him from being a white-supremacist patriarchal icon.

As anyone watching the current Democratic candidate debates for presidential nominee can tell you, there is a fetish amongst many about belittling, bemoaning or dehumanizing — white men. They say this in order to (presumably) attract more votes; even from — white men. One white man, Joe Biden, promises to have a presidential running-mate that is not a man, and not white. Another white man, Robert Francis O’Rourke (whom I think bizarrely likes to be called ‘Betty’), states that he totally understands why many people would not even vote for him — being the white, Irish-American male that he is.

I chose this one recent example of the current anti-white male fetish: the un-personing of a children’s television character; there are countless more. One of the reasons for my choice, naturally, is that as far as I know, to the best of my knowledge, Fireman Sam did not own any slaves. Neither did his creator – Welsh, white fireman, Dave Jones. With this in mind I wanted to go through the progressive agenda-driven ‘news’ site BBC, to see how they decided to craft their story.

Fireman Sam has been axed as a mascot for a fire brigade over fears he could put women off joining.


It starts out light. You see, the last thing a woman wants to see is a fit, strong, young man representing a profession that demands their employees be, well: fit and strong. And preferably not old. In fact, so it says, ‘certain people’ fear that women will actually be put off wanting to be a fireman. So, a puppet-mascot induces fears. Got it. Let’s continue.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service said the children’s TV character was outdated and did not reflect the message it wanted to achieve.

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service (LFRS)

Outdated? Well, Sam first came to children’s television screens in 1987. On BBC no less. I presume that LFRS has been using the mascot for decades. But now? Well, it’s just outdated, you see? There’s a best-before date. Puppet-mascots have a certain shelf-life apparently. And what’s with this ‘message’? A fire brigade wants to send messages? Isn’t that what their radios are for? Anyways: stale isn’t their message. Done and dusted. Moving on.

The decision follows complaints by staff and members of the public.

LFRS staff; members of the public

The firemen didn’t like the mascot? So much so that they actually took the time to complain? All of them, or even just a few? All I can say is that these folks must have an idyllic workplace if a puppet-mascot was on their list of complaints. And members of the public. Of course. A little bit of ‘obfuscating the source’ is always welcome! Next.

Chief fire officer Les Britzman said Fireman Sam would be replaced with fire extinguisher-shaped mascots called Freddy, Filbert and Penelope. Mr Britzman said the service already struggled to recruit women firefighters and the character would no longer be used in its promotional material.

Britzman, Fire Chief

Freddy, Filbert and Penelope? Which one is Penelope? I certainly hope that it’s not the female-identifying hydrant with lipstick, because that would be somehow wrong. Ddin’t we just learn that women have fears? Or is that presumptuous? And LFRS struggles to find female recruits? Well, finally — common sense prevails! What kind of woman would ever want to work alongside young, fit, healthy men with a good-paying job? I’m not even sure what gender-spectrum that would be on. The nerve. By all means, wheel in the animated hydrants; that’ll fix those fears. Lead on, Macduff.

There’s been a lot of research that says that images that young people have about what careers they want to do are formed when they are about four or five. If you are promoting that image we might be stopping people wanting to apply for the fire service 20 years down the line.


One thing that someone should have told Britzman is that you never go full-BS. Never. But I suppose this is the awkward excuse they’ve decided on, and they’re going to stick with it. Vamonos!

We’re not bothered about Fireman Sam. We’re bothered by the subconscious message the term fireman has created as an issue in our recruitment.

Ben Selby,  Fire Brigades Union (FBU)

Phew! Well thank goodness that the firemen’s union now include training for its members on analyzing subconscious messaging by puppet-mascots in five-year-olds, and its detrimental effects on future employment choices. What kind of fire brigade needs those kind of issues? But finally a little bit of truth comes through this BBC report — ‘diversity’. There she blows! Is there anything it can’t do? Or, more to the point, is there anything it won’t do? But if you think this is bordering on insanity, think again. Here’s the money quote from a different fire brigade! Awn ni!

So a normal complains. To which LFRS replies with — ‘reasons’. Sam is old. Sam is white. Sam is male. Didn’t we just tell you that we are diversifying? And call me by my name, dammit!

You may have noticed that ‘white’ wasn’t actually cited in the story. Well, does it have to be? We all know that the woke definition of diversity is, ‘less or no white men’. Think about it: if a mascot was dark-skinned, a woman, or anything non-white-male, would it be banned? Would it be blamed for creating employment-psychosis in little children? Would it be called outdated? Of course not.

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