Bigot Of The Hour: Deepak Obhrai

Deepak ObhraiWinner: Deepak Obhrai (religious bigotry)

Oh dear. The bigotry of low expectations. Calgary MP Deepak Obhrai (if that is his name) is ‘outraged‘. Outraged, I tells yah! According to his own biased logic, he believes that people who have decided to be Muslim, and have decided to enter Canada, are being profiled because he apparently thinks that all Muslims disagree with basic Canadian values:

  • working hard
  • generosity
  • freedom
  • tolerance
  • male and female equality
  • no violence in political disagreements
  • all worshipping their God as they see fit
  • one law for all Canadians, applied equally

Therefore, asking all refugees, all immigrants and all visitors to Canada if they agree with these basic Canadian values, is obviously targeting only Muslims entering through Canada’s borders.

Ms. Leitch’s proposal to screen every immigrant and visitor is nothing but Donald Trump’s executive order, disguised as Canadian values, and crafted to keep Muslims out of Canada. [Obhrai]

Got that? Obhrai thinks that only Muslims will fail the question and answer test about Canadian values. Only Muslims will not be able to answer correctly that men and women should be equal under the law. Only Muslims will have issues giving the right answer when it comes to freedom and tolerance. Oy!

Now that Obhrai’s candidacy for the Conservative Party is over, for being a bigot, it is still worthwhile to consider, as a distinct and separate issue, why so many Muslims do not think men and women are equal. True that. Here’s Kellie Leitch outlining her simple plan on Canadian values [starts @ 4:42].



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