Ontario’s Incredulous Debt & Incredulous Electricity Rates Have Suddenly Been Eradicated! Hooray!

afwantiracismstrategy03jpg.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x724Well. They must have been. Because Ontario, in its infinite wisdom, is now focused on what people’s sentiments are about skin tone and ethnicity. If your jurisdiction has one of the highest per-capita debt levels in the world, and electricity prices that make Europeans swoon, you’d only focus on un-substantiated, subjective, inconclusive, racist, bigoted, divisive and meaningless theories on social justice themes once these real, not imaginary, issues have been solved, right? Right? Wrong. Regardless of the fact that the Canadian Constitution, s.2(b), allows any Canadian to be express their bigotry, Liberals are now trying this juvenile distraction from the day-to-day hell of the Ontario economy. Whither, Canada…?

Toronto Star, Jennifer Yang; Ontario government unveils 3-year plan to battle racism

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