Powerful Traitors In Our Midst

loretta-lynchWe keep asking why do our societal authorities, whether in the military, politics, bureaucracies, academia, the media, etc, continue to invite stealth jihad into our midst (which inevitably moves into violent jihad) whilst completely lying to us about their invitation of stealth jihad? Everyday now we hear of one mayor or another who secretly immigrates relatively large populations of Muslims from various parts of the world into their small city, thus resulting in a progressive change away from the culture of freedom and individual liberty that we know and love.

Loretta Lynch, in my humble opinion another bureaucratic traitor, just on a higher pay grade, has in the last few days:

  • Decided that the people don’t need to know that the Orlando jihadi massacre was a jihadi massacre, by removing words such as Islam, Muslim, jihad, Islamic State, etc. (in other words: his motive)
  • Decided that the best way to combat [fill-in-the-blank] terrorism (not violent jihad) can only be countered with compassion, unity, love.
  • Decided that once she realized that she had could not hide the words that dare not speak their name, decided, for example, that Allah now means God.


I am surmising, based on what I hear and see, with some common sense and basic intelligence thrown in, that Lynch knows that the Orlando shooter was engaged in violent jihad. Lynch knows that orthodox Islam allows violent jihad as a core belief between dar al-Harb (‘house of war’) and dar al-Islam (‘house of Islam’). Lynch knows that killing homosexuals in a core belief in mainstream Islam. She knows these things but decides that she must hide these facts as much as possible from the people.

However, she is far from alone. Apart from being an almost self-evident fact, the question really becomes just how far has the Muslim Brotherhood penetrated into the upper echelons of American societal authority at this point [see here]. Lynch knows that in the Holy Land Foundation trial, documents [see here] were seized clearly showing that the Muslim Brotherhood intends to destroy our miserable house (dar al-Harb, or the ‘West’) from within, in other words by penetrating into the upper echelons of power. Like the office of the attorney general. Like all the other offices.

One of the questions dodged by Lynch in this Fox News Politics video with Megan Kelly [see here] is who was it that told her to redact Islamic references within the 911 call. Lynch said she would not say how the process works. Of course she wouldn’t, because to tell the truth she’d have to say, and I’m just blue-sky thinking here:

My Muslim Brotherhood insider advised me to remove Islamic references as we are trying to destroy this miserable house called the United States from within. If we don’t remove Islamic references as much as possible, from this and other situations where stealth jihad is occurring, more American infidels will start waking up to the plot and fight back. [Potential future quote from AG Lynch?]

The question as to why remains. Personal seeking of power? Bribery of certain individuals? Threats to certain families and individuals? Promises of protection if you go along? The allure of hermetic knowledge? And how do the people or organizations that put these proposals to these authority figures hold such power and persuasion over them, in other words to make an offer that cannot be refused: by the attorney general, by the President, by anyone? It must be pretty awesome.


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