The Fake & Real War on Women

lib-enoughisenough-500x280-v03Nary a day go by without left-wing types accusing right-wing types of the ill-treatment of women. For those with eyes to see however there is a dissonance with how women are treated around the world compared to the US. Then we see that when convenient the left look to other countries but focus like a laser only on the US when it’s not. The war on women is a case of the latter.

War on Women: US-Style

  • The often emotional discussion of whether an unborn child has a right to live versus the right of the mother to terminate the pregnancy
  • The complexities of working preferences and the impact this has on overall average hourly pay that can be compared to male hourly pay
  • The uncertainties surrounding whether feminine products or birth control products should be free or subsidized and what this means as regards state and federal taxes

War on Women: Middle East-Style

  • The often emotional discussion of whether a family has the right to rip out the clitoral area of a female family member’s vagina versus whether a woman has the right to not have mutilated genitalia
  • The complexities of marriage preferences and the impact of being forced to marry at the age of nine to a fifty-year old man against your will
  • The uncertainties surrounding being stoned to death for adultery when you can’t find four male corroborating witnesses and what this means as regards to whether a woman has the right to be alive

We’ve been told for too long that what we see is not what we see and what we hear is not what we hear. And usually, when you deal with problems, you focus on where there is a really urgent and important need. We need to pull out of this habit of being pulled along after these pretend issues, but if the issue does come up then force the conversation to where the real need is.

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