Britain’s World-Famous Hate Crime Laws Getting Worse!

Freedom of SpeechIt’s long been known that in the United Kingdom you don’t have to commit a real crime to be arrested and potentially charged with a hate crime [see here]. Your words, your pictures and even body language are enough. Even singing on the Paris Metro can bring you in front of a judge. But Britain’s infamous hate crime laws are about to enter another dimension: religious criticism crime. Yes, according to both the Labour Party and the Scottish National Party (SNP), Britain’s obviously inadequate hate crime laws need beefing up. And this is a country where you can get arrested for quoting Churchill [see here]. Under their proposed new laws, if you criticize the religion of Islam you might be incarcerated and your name put on an Islamophobia list. Many of the hate crimes used in Britain today are handled with the “racial aggression” epithet. However those in power see that people have noticed that Muslims come in all flavours, from the Boston Bombing, to ISIS. This is the next logical step to make sure that even if you criticize and insult a lily-white Muslim, the state can still get you. Some journalists like Douglas Murray at the Spectator [see here] are still fighting the good fight, but the average person on the street will only see their already limited ability to speak basically end.

One thought on “Britain’s World-Famous Hate Crime Laws Getting Worse!

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