Canadian Public Schools: Christianity Finally Replaced By Islam

The right to free speech and criticism is racist (and only racist) in Peel Region

They were supposed to be free of religion. An entire generation in Canada had become used to the concept of religion expression being expunged from the classroom and within the school walls: no crosses, no Ten Commandments, no Jesus, no Golden Rule, nothing. As a predominantly Christian society, this expungement mostly meant of course deleting the Christian belief system.

One of the small handful of truly tolerant countries remaining in the world today, Canada allows free expression, speech and religion; all kinds of beliefs, ideas, sexual identity, and more. And under the bland, faith-free roof of their local public schools, Canadian parents sent their Canadian children to the neutral secularity of the education system. It seemed that Canada was experiencing a Nordic Valhalla.

But then confusion, accidental, or deliberately planned, arose through dictates from inside the provincial legislatures. These dictates immediately forged a (deliberate) legal dichotomy between the Charter (the over-arching federal document) and lesser provincial law. As the Ontario Education Services Corporation (OESC) stated:

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 15) protects freedom of religion. The Ontario Human Rights Code (The Code) protects an individual’s freedom from discriminatory or harassing behaviours based on religion. In addition to and consistent with this legislation, The  Education Act, its Regulations and policies govern Equity and Inclusion in Schools:

  • PPM No 108, “Opening or Closing Exercises in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools”,
  • R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 298, “Operation of School-General” s 27-29, under the heading “Religion in Schools”
  • PPM No. 119, “Developing and Implementing Equity and Inclusive Education Policies in Ontario Schools”.

[OESC – APPENDIX B; Religious Accommodation Guideline]

Notice the ‘the whole truth‘ trickery? They ‘forgot’ to mention s.2(b) of the Charter; freedom of expression [see here]. In this case, in Ontario, the free expression of religion (and speech), and thus the freedom to be free from religious expression (and to speak about it), is ignored, but the expression of religion without discrimination (s.15 of the Charter), is promoted. In further attempts to diminish s.2(b), Ontario has its human rights ‘Code’ and its provincial law. So the three legs to this accidental or deliberate stool of confusion are (again with Ontario as the example):

  1. The Charter, with its s.2(b) protection of free speech
  2. The Code, dictating “guidelines” concerning “accommodation” of religion
  3. Legislation; the Education Act

It’s already confusing. But finally, within the local governmental-bureaucratic, pension-seeking class, we know have the same subservience to this confusion. Recently, many parents were dismissed by Peel Region school board, their concerns were poo-pooed, and it was full steam-ahead to put religion back into the public school system after decades of expunging.

But naturally, really only one religion was allowed back (‘accommodated‘) into the classrooms, hallways and washrooms of the education system: Islam. Like only one religion was actually mentioned in a Canadian motion concerning criminalizing criticism of religion: Islam. Thirty years of taking Christianity out, only to now be told that Islam has to be put back in. It’s almost as if it is planned, isn’t it, almost as if our miserable house is being destroyed from within.

Here’s two videos from the Rebel; David Menzies on the successful action to get Islam back into public schools and Faith Goldy on the the attempt to criminalize criticism Islam.

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